Improving dog bed quality

Developing new dog beds can be a challenging exercise. What size and what colours is one of the trickiest issues. Dog bed buyers appear to buy beds that are bigger than they need  - like buying a kingsize bed for a single person!  So we tend to sell a disproportionate number of larger beds because every dog owner wants the biggest bed possible for their dog.  Two other important aspects in developing a quality dog bed is its tensile strength and water repellency properties.  Dogs are not gentle on their beds, they scratch them, wet them, try to turn them...

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New Team Member joins Running Dog

Announcing a new member to the Running Dog Quality Assurance Team. After a search for suitably qualified personnel, Spencer, with some experience, as he is two years old, has joined us as Chief Technical Officer responsible for ongoing quality improvements of our Car Seats and Boot Liners as well as improving our Luxury Dog Beds. We welcome him to the team.

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We bought too many!

We recently put in an order to our factory for the manufacture of a new batch of our Luxury Bed Lounger. Its hard to estimate quantities at the best of times - but we got it really wrong! We stocked too few large size beds and too many small size beds. You would think because these days small dogs are more popular than large dogs that we would have a bigger demand for small beds. Not us - exactly the opposite! So we have an excess of around 90 of our small Dog Bed Lounger (which by the way isn't...

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Have dogs? How to keep your car clean.

We receive suggestions from time to time: "What can we do to keep our dog, who likes to hang out the door window - from damaging and scratching the car door upholstery?" Our suggestion is to add sides to the car seat cover!.We have done that. The Norton car seat cover for dogs has zip up side panels that go up as far as the back door windows. Others have suggested that the side panel needs to be strengthened because over time it sags - and dogs can still get to the upholstery on the doors and damage it. We...

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Chew Proof?

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It is not surprising that most puppies chew at the almost anything and everything for some time during their early years.

Chewing can result for a number of reasons: Teething, boredom, curiosity, or loneliness (have you noticed that most chewing occurs when you are not around).

It is often the the thing closest to them that they chew the most - their bedding. How do you stop this? There are many manufacturers that produce dog beds that claim to be indestructible. If they are indestructible they probably aren't that comfortable or great looking. Take the trampoline bed for example. The trampoline bed is a suitable outdoor dog bed and is quite chew proof in my opinion. Manufactured from steel or hard plastic and covered with stretched out nylon, it is very difficult for your dog to get its teeth into around the hard outer edges. But lets face it, it is not suitable for indoor dogs and it is not a warm comfortable bed.

Chew resistant?
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What you should do during pet emergencies

What You Should Do During Pet Emergencies

Our pets are part of our family. Seeing them go through emergencies, or even a simple flu, can be an aching experience.

As responsible pet owners, we should know what type of possible health problems our pets will likely to experience during their lifetime. As trite as it sounds, prevention is always better than looking for a cure. With this in mind, it is always best to learn preventive measures to help save our pets during life-threatening situations.

Knowing what to do on the first few minutes of a pet emergency is critical to save your pet’s life. So, as a preventive measure, we will give you some of the most common pet emergencies and the things that you need to do when these unexpected situations occur.

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