It is not surprising that most puppies chew at almost anything and everything for some time during their early years.  

Chewing can result for a number of reasons:  Teething, boredom, curiosity, or loneliness (have you noticed that most chewing occurs when you are not around?).

It is often the thing closest to them that they chew the most - their bedding.  How do you stop this?  There are many manufacturers that produce dog beds that claim to be indestructible. If they are indestructible they probably aren't that comfortable or great looking.  Take the trampoline bed for example. The trampoline bed is a suitable outdoor dog bed and is quite chew proof in my opinion.  Manufactured from steel or hard plastic and covered with stretched out nylon, it is very difficult for your dog to get its teeth into around the hard outer edges. But lets face it, it is not suitable for indoor dogs and it is not a warm comfortable bed.

Chew resistant?

Most pillow style beds will simply not stand up to any feisty, sharp toothed puppy. There will be shredded fabric and filling everywhere within a few days.  Some dog bed are made with heavy duty nylon or polyester with double stitching for extra durability.  They will last long and stand up to the feistiest of dogs.

Four suggestions for stopping your dogs Chewing

  1. Encourage good chewing habits:  Leave chew toys around the house
  2. Training: When you see your dog chewing something that isn't a chew toy be quick with  a firm "No"
  3. Try using a bitter repellent on  your furniture and your dogs bed.  You can buy a bitter apple commercial repellent from your local pet shop or you can make your own.  All you need is a spray bottle, two cups of apple cider vinegar and one cup of white vinegar mixed together. Or you can substitute the apple cider with lemon juice.
  4. When you are planning to go out for the day and leave your dog alone, consider leaving it a challenge to keep it busy for as long as possible. One suggestion is to put a hand full of liver jerky treats into an old milk bottle or a Kong.  Your dog will spend an hour or two occupying itself by trying to find a way of chewing through the bottle to get to the treats.  This is a good distraction from chewing its bed.


Puppies like chewing things when they are young.  Often their bed is the firs casualty. You can train your dog and offer a number of distractions to reduce the damage and you can also try to source a good quality dog bed which will last the duration of its chewing period. The Inka range of Luxury Dog Beds made with 1000 denier polyester (heavy duty) with industrial stitching, turns out to be stronger and sturdier than a number of its competitors.  It isn't chew proof but it has been tested against more expensive brands such as Petlife and found to be stronger, hardier and have better waterproof qualities.

Written by Philip Hartman


As you probably already know, pups are territorial by nature. For that matter, having a product of a perfect size will not only enhance the pup’s comfort but also give him a special place that will be just his own and nobody else’s.

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