I began developing the Running Dog range of accessories in 2003.  Many of the accessories that were available at the time were of very poor quality and often no thought was put into their aesthetics. I knew things could be done better. Since then we have tried to focus on developing products that not only look good but also stand up to the rigours of heavy duty dog activity.

In the last few years we have manufactured and sold a few thousand car seat protectors, dog leads, some high quality collars and soon - a new range of really good dog beds that are built for indoor or outdoor use.

Our best selling item is the back seat car cover with side-zips that flap out when your dog jumps into the car, protecting the upholstery and then zips up to protect your car doors.

We are based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

I hope you find a product that suits you and your dog.




Call me on 0407100456 if you have any questions.