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For reference, regular size is a perfect fit for a zb Commodore wagon

commodore wagon boot liner

Just wanted to say what great service you provide, only took about 4 days to receive our goods, well done,  and what a great product, we don’t have a dog but wanted something to stop our new car being scratched from golf clubs etc, and your product is terrific. Would highly recommend 


I would very much consider myself another HAPPY customer!!!

What a fantastic quality product. I only wish I had purchased it a year ago.

Received my order 2 days later .. Very happy with the product and so is my dog. Many thanks.

Thank you for the Tully Boot Liner which turned up so promptly.

It does fit the new Honda CR-V quite well.
It sits fine with the Velcro tabs above the wheel well and I love the thickness and durability of the liner. Also love the extra flap for bumper protection.
Thank you again for this wonderful product.
I will recommend them to friends.

I just wanted to let you know how happy i was with the prompt delivery of my item. And for what ever reason that the colour i selected, i did not receive, you made up for this by upgrading my item! You could of easily just sent me another colour and not even considered upgrading me to the NORTON seat cover. Thank you so much! I have only used the NORTON seat cover once in the short time i have had it but i love how it catches all the sand, which is handy with a new car living near the beach!!! I have large dogs and for the reasonable price you charge i am hoping this one lasts. Thanks again!!!

Thank you ever so much for the wonderful car seat protector! A friend had recommended your product to me, as hers has withstood the test of time with a Labrador and a German Shepherd. I'm sure mine will serve me well too with my Golden Retriever! It fits well in my small Mazda and is at a great price for such a high quality protector.

Thanks for the free upgrade too! Very impressed!


Thank you for the prompt delivery of the two Inka beds. The boys love them.

Thank you.. the seat cover arrived in perfect time as we had a vet appointment yesterday and he laid straight down in the back and fell asleep even though it was only a 15 minute drive.. it was like his own little cocoon

At least the boot will now pass muster!

I would like to compliment you on a well-designed dog car seat cover. I bought the Bindi half-seat cover and have used it a number of times already.

It is easy to use, easy to transfer between vehicles and easy to store when not needed.
It also contains all the sand which our dog picks up at the beach. J
Great seat cover at a great price.
Delivery was exceptionally fast too – had it less than 24 hours after ordering.
One thing I wanted to ask though – the zips on the sides of the cover – one zips UP (easy to use), the other zips DOWN (can be tricky to join zip together in order to use it, especially in the dark).
Just wondered why BOTH zips don’t zip UP (from the bottom) as this would seem far more user-friendly? I’m sure that there is a good reason for this, given that the whole design is so well thought out – would you mind sharing it? J
Thanks again for such an excellent product,


Would like to thank you for the prompt delivery of the boot liner. It is refreshing to have a quality product, and although not tested with the 2 Aussie Shepherds yet, I'm sure it will take some rough and tumble!

We received the boot liner yesterday. The back seat liner has been working well in our Jeep Cherokee & the bootliner was used today.

Certainly keeps the sand & dog hair contained. Very happy with the products so far.

Many thanks! We have had one of these dog beds now for over 2 years and it's the only bed that lasts for our dogs! We are only replacing now because we can no longer get the dog fur out of the fibre. Great beds!

I recently purchase 2 boot liners, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the purchase.

You were very helpful when I was not sure if the liner would fit my car and called on a couple of occasions. I couldn't believe how quickly the liners arrived.
The quality of the liners is excellent and the fit to my VW Golf wagon is perfect.
Great product, great price and fantastic service


Just wanted to let you know we received our order today. That is such a quick delivery for us. The car seat protector looks great and far stronger than any that we have used before.

Many thanks.

Your service from purchase to delivery was amazing very fast and personable and we haven't even set up a boot cover yet! We will be using your product for a long trip from Coffs Harbour NSW to Adelaide for our Boxer baby and I'll definitely keep you posted on its adventure. Keep up the amazing work Phillip and you'll be hearing from us soon with a bed order I imagine :)

Hi Running Dog,

We received our Tully Boot Liner last week and immediatley fitted it in our Captiva 5. It fits beautifully and also works a treat when we lie down the back seats as an all over protector. We live in the Perth hills so mud and gravel are forever being trampled through our car. But no more! We have 2 Border Collies - 1 of which is a 5 month old puppy who suffers from motion sickness! - so you can see how very useful our fabulous new boot protector will be!
Thanks Again!
Karen & Jeff

Finally got organised and got Aoife into the car! She was a bit apprehensive at first (probably the different smell from the mat and car) but soon settled down.

Works a treat :)

Hi Philip,

Fits great, I was hoping to get the pram on its side then it would be perfect but it's too bulky, still works this way fine though.
Mazda 6 GH wagon.


Thanks Philip, it arrived today.

Great service, and it is exactly what I needed.


My dogs are very happy with my purchase. Thank you for the super fast delivery too.
Kind Regards

Hello Running Dog,

Your service from purchase to delivery was amazing very fast and personable and we haven't even set up a boot cover yet! We will be using your product for a long trip from Coffs Harbour NSW to Adelaide for our Boxer baby and I'll definitely keep you posted on its adventure. Keep up the amazing work Phillip and you'll be hearing from us soon with a bed order I imagine :)
Cristi and Lauren

Thanks a lot for the prompt service Phillip. Package arrived today which is tremendous considering the Christmas period!

Haven’t tried the mat out yet, but will give it a whirl tonight.

I received the Tully the day after you posted it so it arrived in time for Xmas. Thanks for so much for that. The Tully was a perfect fit for my sisters new Land Rover Freelander 2 - and saved the day when her 12wk old puppy had an "accident". One suggestion for you, the flap that protects the tailgate area could have zips on its edges to keep it vertical once the dogs have been loaded in. On the Freelander 2 (which has a single lifting tailgate) the dogs can scratch the plastic under the glass. If the flap was zipped up to the side pieces it would protect this area. 
I tried the Norton out in my car and I'm really impressed with it. Previously my dog has always ridden in the back of my Discovery but he seemed really happy on the back seat.


Thank you, To my surprise it arrived within 24 hours of my purchase and it fits perfectly and looks great. I'm very impressed.


Thanks so much! We’re very happy with this product.

This video might interest you or potential clients: 
The first 15 seconds or so show our labrador, Kate, getting into the back seat, which is protected by one of your covers.

Well done, the seat protector I purchased is fantastic, I only had the traditional flat style before that attached to headrests and did a reasonable job.

Your style with zip enclosures on each end is fantastic, now I transport our beloved collie everywhere in my new car without cringing at the long hair everywhere after each trip.
It does exactly what it claimed to do and I’m very happy with the product!
Thank you

Thank you for your excellent service, it's much appreciated.

Our other bed that we have, is in fact a petlife for which we paid close to $200 for, though it is a softer, suede like fabric, which is now not suitable for outdoor use with the rain :( was not looking forward to spending so much on a bed again.

Thank you again for your excellent service.



Thanks philip. I really like the liner. The velcro strap on both side kept his fur away magic !

Wai Kan

Just wanted to say thanks for prompt delivery, made it in time for first puppy school in the new car!

First day he kept jumping out but second day it went very well! He gets anxious in the car but the bindi makes him more secure than the collar tag and his thunder shirt.

And the tully arrival worked out splendidly too. Coke had spilt from my grocery shipping but as I had put the tully in the new car before the weekly shopping, it was a simple wipe to clean the boot.

Thank you.



The Norton and Tully liners arrived at 7am yesterday!! I am very impressed with the speed of delivery. I will be writing a review of both shortly, which you will be welcome to add to your website, but for now let me just say that I am absolutely delighted with them.

Incidentally you might be interested to know that the tracking link in your email doesn’t work (although it may have whilst they were in transit) ... the link just takes me to Google. (Has now been repaired)

Kind regards,


Thank you for the prompt delivery of my SUV boot protector, I haven't fitted it yet but it looks good. Very Happy.



I would like to say thank you for my purchase.I and my dog love it. It it fits perfectly in my car. He loves going for drives and at least now I don't have to worry about him ruining my car seats. Many Thanks


The product and service are excellent.We received it yesterday.

Kind regards,

Christine Young.

The Boot Liner arrived and fitted perfectly.

Thank you


Thanks for your prompt response to my email and for sending a replacement cover, which I received today.

As I said in my previous email I am very impressed with the seat cover. I have used many over the last few years as I have a Border Collie and Husky so hair shedding is huge, and your product is excellent and the best I have used.

I will certainly be telling my friends about your product and directing them to your website.

Kind regards



Just thought I'd let you know that I'm delighted with my order. Both the Tully boot liner and the Norton seat cover are excellently made and fit our VW Passat wagon and Golf really well. One of the two harness clips was 'sewn back' onto itself so was unable to be adjusted, but I was able to unpick the oversewing to release the sliding mechanism to adjust the length of the harness.

Your product was recommended to me by a friend and I will certainly recommend both products to my friends. Our two labradors just love their new comfy rides!

with thanks - Susie 

Thank you for such excellent VIP service, up-dates constantly and the tully liner arrived to day and is wonderful....great to do business with you. Julie

We received the Tully bootliner a week or so a go - it's such a terrific product at a reasonable price that I've just ordered another one for our other car.

Thank you for your prompt delivery too. We use it in our new Audi A3 Sportback. Works a treat.


I received my cover yesterday. It is fabulous! 

My dog travels in my 4 seater convertible so the only improvement I could suggest would be available in a 2 rear seat configuration. I am going to slice an opening in the appropriate place. I will also put his white (reflective ventilated non slip mat in the base of the cover. A brilliant design and very reasonably price. Well worth waiting for.

I would like to say thank you for the prompt supply of the boot liner. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the product and found that it fitted well with the minimum of effort on my part. Obviously, a deal of thought has gone into the design and 

and I could not be more happy with it. I am sure my dog (a beautiful Boxer) will also love it!

I thought I would let you know that I received the order for a boot liner in good time and I'm very pleased with it. I thought you might be interested to know that it fits the back of a Citroen C4 perfectly.

Kind regards
Anne Milln

Thank you for the update. My current hammock is also a runningdog. My dog is a German Shepherd and he goes a little nuts in the back seat when he sees other dogs and cyclists, so he managed to break two straps! I'm very glad to see the seat belt provision in this new model as I had to cut a hole in my existing one for the belt.


We received our second order yesterday - thank you for the fast delivery - excellent service as always.


This is the second one we have bought, they are great. However, saying that I think one minor improvement I think that would be beneficial is to insert a flat piece of something into the top section (folded seam) on either end (the piece that gets zipped up), I find that it sags and my German Shepherd puts her foot over the top onto the inside door panel (and sometimes leaves scratch marks). I think it would make the end sections more rigid to prevent it sagging.

D and N

Thanks for your prompt delivery of the car seat protector. It has already arrived!

I must admit this is our second cover, I have one in my car but the zipper on one side came away not long after purchase a few years ago. I still use it daily though and the zipper issue is not such a big one. I have ordered this second one for my husband’s new car.


Hi, Just letting you know our boot mat order arrived safe and sound. 

Not only did it arrive on our doorstep far quicker than what we thought, but we are thrilled with the quality and value for money. We no longer have a car full of Echo hair (Echo is our eight yr old labrador)!
I've been meaning to provide you feedback sooner, so I apologise for the late reply.
I'll have no problems recommending your products to my friends and family.
Many thanks


Thank you very much for the fast delivery & excellent product. We like it so much we will shortly buy another for our other car.


Good Morning,

Thank you for the prompt delivery of The Tully SUV Boot Protector that arrived this morning. I have completed the setup and The Tully exceeds my expections . Many thanks for the hours you have saved me vacuuming, using double sides tape, brushes etc.



I received my cover yesterday. It is fabulous!
My dog travels in my 4 seater convertible so the only improvement I could suggest would be available in a 2 rear seat configuration. I am going to slice an opening in the appropriate place. I will also put his white (reflective ventilated non slip mat in the base of the cover. A brilliant design and very reasonably price. Well worth waiting for.

I thought I would let you know that I received the order for a boot liner in good time and I'm very pleased with it. I thought you might be interested to know that it fits the back of a Citroen C4 perfectly.


I have received my boot protector and installed it in my mazda 3 hatchback. It is terrific! The quality of materials are much better than those I have seen before. It is thick so there will be no scratches in the car, and a perfect material so that hair does not get stuck to it and make it impossible to clean like other products. The extra flap at the end is perfect for reducing scratches on the bumper. Although the inside is a little bit long, it is easy to tuck in around the boot door. Thank you for finally providing a good quality product at a reasonable price.

Regards Alex

Thanks for the prompt service. The bed arrived and Cailum loves it! Regards R


The dogs love the car seat cover and so do I!
Thanks so much!!


We've just received our new Norton seat cover and I thought I drop you a line to say how impressed we are with the product. We have had one on the back seat of our Holden Colorado and it has performed so well we bought a second one for our Hyundai Getz runaround. Our two dogs love the covers and they are so easy to use. Cheers,



Got my order the other week and used it for the first time today. Just want to say how great I think it is. Sits nicely in the car and protects the back of the front seats and the back doors really well! My dogs seem quite happy sitting in it too! So thanks very much.

Great product!!


SUV rear protector arrived today for my new Captiva 5.

Fits beautifully.  I love it and will be selling it to my dog owning friends

Thank you



I tested the Norton seat cover today and it works perfectly. It is easy to load both dogs into my Suzuki Swift using the zips at each end. It also solved a problem with one of my dogs - she can no longer press the seat belt button and release it herself. Very happy with the quality and service, as well as the  ease of installation (literally took one minute).

Thank you,



I bought the Norton Seat cover a couple of weeks ago and love it! Jus for your records, it fits great in a Mazda 6 as well :) Regards, Emma

Thank you, the Tully Boot Protector for Dogs arrived by post as promised.

We fitted it very easily into our Mercedes ML250 and are delighted with the product and the perfect coverage it gives.

we are so pleased we found your product online and, because of the reasonable bost and effectiveness of it, will happily recommend it

Thank you again,

DC and JM



Just a quick note to let you know I received my boot liner today (I missed the delivery man on Wednesday) and its fantastic!

Just to let you know too though that I didn't receive an instruction booklet in the pack (but it said there would be one in the front). It didn't matter and I'm not fussed because it was so easy to put in anyway, but I just thought I would let you know.

You've saved my new car from being ruined and saved Millie for getting yelled at for leaving hair everywhere and detting dirt/water everywhere.

Thank you for a great product, I'm happy to support local companies, especially when the product and price are so good.

Kind regards.

C and Millie


Thank-you, the boot protector has already arrived!  For your information, I have a 2012 Skoda Octavia wagon which has a very big  boot. The liner is a few inches short on the sides and in length but it will certainly do the job. It attaches easily and firmly and is definitely better than the smelly red sheet that I have been using until now!

Kind regards



Just to let you know how thrilled we are with the Tully boot protector. It fits the Mazda 3 like it was made for it and the quality is tremendous. It took me a long time to find it on line; perhaps some extra entrees make it easier since it is such a brilliant alternative to the expensive items on line.

Thank you for your help

Anne van G


The Tully Boot Protector is here and it took all of 1 minute to fit in the vehicle. Absolutely looks the goods! We have a Ford Kuga Titanium with leather upholstery and plush fabric seat backs and a large chocolate labradoodle. The Protector is just marginally oversize for the shape of the boot space but a simple tuck has it sitting very neatly in place. We are travelling quite a bit over the Christmas / New Year period and look forward to not having to clean seat backs in the new vehicle. I will contact you again with an update after some of our travels, but do not anticipate any issues..It looks GREAT (and the wife loves it.)




I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that we received our order the very next morning.  I was very impressed with the service and how quickly the order came through.  We have already set up the protector in the back of our Kia Sportage and it is great.  Our puppy Buddy is too small to sit in the back at the moment, when he dose I am sure he will appreciate the protector  just as much as we do.

Thank you again.



've just received our 'The Tully' boot protector and fitted it to the back of our wagon. I just wanted to contact you to let you know we think it's awesome!!! The velcro on the side pieces stick so well to the carpet on the side walls of our wagon and the rest of it fits so well, as though it was made especially for our car.

Our car, by the way, is a Holden Sportwagon. Just as your website suggests, it does need rear headrests to fit the cover to (which our car doesn't have) but we do have a metal cargo barrier and we've used this instead - no problems!

Thank you do much for the prompt delivery and fantastic product. It will make cleaning the car so much easier!

Kind regards,



I received my item today.  I am delighted with it. What a great product! My new car will be protected from fur and scratching!

Thanks very much. It was worth the wait.




The car is a Subaru Forester 2.0D Premium, which is a wagon really. The boot protector is perfect for the most vulnerable part, i.e. the back of the seat which is covered in fabric - really brilliant for picking up Dalmatian hair - its just the sides where it doesn't come up to the top, but that's not really an issue as they're covered in plastic anyway.

All the best



Just wanted to tell you howe very pleased we are with Running Dog. We have just bought a boot protector; it took only 2 days to arrive and having just fit it into our wagon, we think it's really going to do very well. Knowing our dogs, they may well dislodge it on the sides away from the Velcro, but we'll deal with that if and when it happens. We also think its incredible value, so thanks once again.

Kind regards



Received the Sage Protector yesterday and have tried it out. Fantastic, it collects the sand and water, easy to install and clean. Great product. Just showed it to a friend who is going to order one, as she loves it.

Kind regards



I just wanted to congratulate you on such a great product and service.

I have 3 dogs, so a seat protector that is easy to get in and out of the car is must.
I ordered your car seat protector a couple of weeks ago, it arrived within 2 days and I absolutely love it, it is so superior to the one I had previously and I especially love the zip up ends, giving complete protection to my new car!!
Thanks again,


Thanks Philip. Received it today and so happy! Will try it out tomorrow with a trip to the local beach with the crew. Thanks again for a great quality product. Will be recommending to all my friends.




Well thought out. Saved me a fortune at an upholstery shop! Here we are enjoying our new purchase :-)


I Received my Back Seat Protector in two days and love it, looks like it will handle my two staffies no problem. Thanks!



Received the package earlier today. Fantastic service,thank you. Looks great, will try it out this afternoon. Thanks again, Louise


Our perfect collar arrived today - I have taken two (very bad) photos of our black Labrador, Sheba or Waglett Welsh Song! We breed Labs and she is about to have a litter for Christmas…

 I have been looking at your web site for ages and finally bought! Our daughter has your car back seat protector and we have told many visitors to our retreats about them. Your service has been great, nothing can be improved upon.

Have a wonderful holidays season and come visit when you are up in South East Queensland.

Thank you again, kind regards, Jayne (and Sheba)

Protector arrived on Tuesday thanks for the fast postage.

Product is top quality and I have already tested the seat cover out.

Thanks Scott


Thank you so much for the prompt delivery of the boot protector.  I can't tell you how happy I am with this product.  It is a perfect fit for a Mercedes B Class.  It seems to fit even better and more snug than your photo indicates.  A similar product made to measure was to cost over $360.  

I am a disabled person and use the boot for transporting a walker.  I wanted this protector as constant putting this walker in the boot was damaging both the boot and potentially scratching the bumper.  This is just great and has sorted that problem !

The only recommendation I would make is putting a snap clip arrangement on the cord that goes over the headrest.  It was a little tight and hard to fit in place.  A snap lock plus the adjustment would ease fitting.

Thank you again and perhaps you shouldn't restrict your advertising to "dog carrying" perhaps selling to disability organisations for carrying wheelchairs and walkers...... However, I am recommending to all  my dog transporting friends !!!

thanks again

Kay E

seeing mine After today my brother is going to order one and he doesn't have dogs or a walker !!  Just wants to keep his Honda CRV boot clean.

regards,  Kay


Just received your Boot Protector!  I have had three and a  half minutes of fun installing it and it fits really well.  I am very  impressed with the quality of the product and the speed of your service and  will be passing on my thoughts to anyone I know who may be interested in  this item.  We are using it in a Peugeot 307 Station Wagon and it  covers the area well and the velcro attaches to the felt like fabric that  lines the sides of the boot so I haven't even had to use the added bits of  velcro you sent.

 Thanks  again for the excellent product and service.


Jenni  b


I thank you for sending the last boot protector so promptly.  You should be aware that it fits the ML Mercedes very well.  I have just purchased another car a VW Tiguan and I thought I would get a boot protector for that car too so I have just put an order through which I assume you will have on your system shortly

Many thanks

Kind regards



Just arrived home to find my package delivered (by Australia Post on a Sunday!). Went straight out and fitted it and its just perfect. I have been looking for something like this ever since I bought my Peugeot 207 tourer 3 years ago. Now I won't be complaining anymore about the difficulty of keeping English Springer Spaniel hair off the carpet material on the sides and back of the wagon rear compartment. I wish I had found your product sooner.




Seat Protector has arrived. That has to be the fastest service of all time. Ordered at 8.30 and it was waiting here when I arrived home at 11.30!!  Have fitted it to my car - quality really good, looks great and fits very well. Thank you so much.



The Boot Protector arrived this afternoon.  My Getz is not exactly a 4WD, but when I fold the back seats up it still protects the whole floor, with the extra piece velcroed on, and goes nicely up the sides. I still may MacGyver some extra plastic and velcro to fold over the top to protect right up to the side windows. I did know this before I bought from you, I was prepared to have to adjust if necessary. But, we have already been for a ride in the car and Peri and Gilly had a wonderful time. Gilly only jumped onto the back of the front seats twice and even then, the seats were totally protected. The Labradors are very well behaved and learn quickly. This is the first time they have been in the back of the new car!! I shall put some pictures on my blog next time I post and say how very pleased I am.

Thanking you kindly,