What You Should Do During Pet Emergencies


Our pets are part of our family. Seeing them go through emergencies, or even a simple flu, can be an aching experience.

As responsible pet owners, we should know what type of possible health problems our pets are likely to experience during their lifetime. As trite as it sounds, prevention is always better than looking for a cure. With this in mind, it is always best to learn preventive measures to help save our pets during life-threatening situations.

Knowing what to do on the first few minutes of a pet emergency is critical to save your pet’s life. So, as a preventive measure, we will give you some of the most common pet emergencies and the things that you need to do when these unexpected situations occur.


Thanks to their ever curious state, dogs often find themselves ingesting possible toxic substances. Owners need to note that common items like human medications, pesticides and chocolates are toxic to a dog’s digestive tract. Even grapes or raisins are considered potential health threats to your dogs. In the event where your dogs get poisoned, you need to identify the type of poison and hand it to the veterinarian for evaluation. Determining the toxic substance is extremely helpful so that the veterinarian can easily find the right treatment or identify the best possible solution to help save your dog’s life.

Breathing Difficulty

Breathing problem in dogs can be caused by a blockage in the throat, lung or heart problems, allergic reactions or asthma. If your dog is gasping for air, it is possible that he is choking or experiencing some other respiratory emergency. When this happens, carefully try to open your dog's mouth and look for an airway obstruction and immediately try to remove it. If the object cannot be removed, get your dog to the nearest vet clinic in your area and have the obstruction removed by the expert.

Stomach Upset (Vomiting and Diarrhoea)

Stomach upset in animals can lead to serious complications if not given proper attention. Vomiting and diarrhoea are typical. However, if your dog experiences lethargy and ends up vomiting blood along with it, then it is best to consult a veterinarian immediately.If your dogs get really exhausted and you see early signs of illness, don’t hesitate to call a reliable home vet to avoid the hassles of travelling to veterinary clinics. With a house call vet, your dogs will be given all the attention they need in the comforts of your home.

Emergency Trauma

Pets experiencing trauma problems are another common issue owners need to pay attention to. Trauma experiences include road traffic accidents, gunshot wounds and lacerations. When these emergencies happen, the best thing to do is to get your dog to the nearest veterinarian clinic. If you can’t get to your vet as soon as possible, try to clean the lacerations and make sure to stop it from bleeding. Additionally, if you want to prevent your dogs from being fatally wounded, in case of a road mishap, you need to use dog car hammocks and safety belts. Installing these things in your car’s back seat can provide your pets with a safe and comfortable place to sleep on while travelling. It can also discourage your pets from jumping into the front seat, thereby preventing any form of accident.

Collapse or Loss of Muscle Control

Often appearing in dogs, this is a possible debilitating condition. It can be caused by old age, arthritis, blood clots or spinal injury among others. If this happens, it is essential to contact a mobile vet or take the animal to a veterinary clinic as soon as possible. Apart from that, you can also give your pets’ luxury dog beds to help them get proper rest and sleep. A good example of a luxury dog bed that is essential for bony (or thin) dogs, elderly dogs, or dogs with muscle pains and joint problems is an orthopaedic dog bed. This type of dog bed is specifically designed to provide efficient support for a dog’s body, thereby putting less stress on its muscles and joints.

Bottom Line

Despite the abundance of animal clinics, certain emergencies and pet problems require special or immediate attention from dog owners. As a responsible pet owner, it is really up to you to ensure your pets’ overall health. Thus, it is always good to provide extra care and attention to your dogs’ health through personalised pet care.

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