We receive suggestions from time to time:

"What can we do to keep our dog, who likes to hang out the door window - from damaging and scratching the car door upholstery?"

Our suggestion is to add sides to the car seat cover!.We have done that.

The Norton car seat cover for dogs has zip up side panels that go up as far as the back door windows. Others have suggested that the side panel needs to be strengthened because over time it sags - and dogs can still get to the upholstery on the doors and damage it.

Car seat cover for dogs with zip up sidesWe have a new shipment in that addresses that issue. The new Norton Back Seat Cover for dogs has rigid battens going across the top side panels to keep them stiff and firm over time. The car window sill will now be better protected and car owners travelling with dogs will be better protected than ever.

The new Norton Back Seat Cover for Dogs: Tough, waterproof, rigid high zip up sides, and front and back slots for harness straps.

Written by Philip Hartman

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