How to keep Your Dogs Happy and Healthy

How to Keep Your Dogs Happy and Healthy

If you've ever owned a pet, you know the kind of happiness it can bring. The pleasure of playing with or snuggling up to these cute and cuddly creatures can ease our loneliness and brighten up our day. Health-wise, pets can relieve us of stress, anxiety and depression.

Indeed, having these adorable furry little friends can offer us comfort, great love and friendship. And like a worthy companion, we need to reciprocate that love by keeping them safe, comfortable and contented.

Here’s a list of practical tips to follow through in order to keep your lovable dogs happy and healthy.
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Why is it important to buy a great dog bed and how to choose one

Why Is It Important To Buy a Great Dog Bed?

Consider this: Dogs sleep for up to 14 hours a day - that is almost double the daily time on a bed compared to the average human being. And dogs don’t tend to have sheets on their beds for a weekly clean. So finding the best high quality low maintenance dog bed seems like a good ideal. The ideal solution lies in buying the best dog beds.
When researching dog beds online it is a lot easier to compare features.
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Sleeping dogs - how to get a good nights sleep

Some Tips to help your dog sleep through the night

I have drawn from a few people who know Cesar Milan.

Some dogs do have a problem sleeping through the night - and if they sleep inside the house dog insomnia can cause sleep disturbance for the rest of the household.

There are many reasons for insomnia: Overweight dogs can be prone to sleep apnea, senior dogs may be in pain due to arthritis. Bladder control in can be a problem with seniors and puppies. Allergies can be a problem causing licking or scratching but the most common cause of insomnia is often pent up energy.

Some suggestions:
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Guard dogs

Interesting piece taken from Cesar Millans web page:  Top 10 breeds for protection:    

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Does the boot liner fit my car ?

People often contact me asking me whether the Tully Boot Protector will fit their car.

Quite understandable, because manufacturers do not seem to quote size statistics for their boot but rather quote volume in litres which is difficult to make sense of. We have been unable to measure the length and breadth of every car on the market to say which cars it will fit and which it will not fit - and manufacturers are changing specifications all the time.
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Travelling dogs

I came across this travel journal on Russion dogs:

"Stray dogs have learned to use the subway in their search travel for food. They board the trains daily and travel back and forth without paying any fares; quite a feat for supposedly “dumb animals.”
According to Russian biology professor Andrew Poyarkov, dogs in Moscow have learned to use the city's underground rail system. he told the press that he has seen them travel into the center of the city, where they can more easily find food, each morning and travel back to where they live each evening.
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