Why Is It Important To Buy a Great Dog Bed?

Consider this: Dogs sleep for up to 14 hours a day - that is almost double the daily time on a bed compared to the average human being. And dogs don’t tend to have sheets on their beds for a weekly clean. So finding the best high quality low maintenance dog bed seems like a good ideal.   The ideal solution lies in buying the best dog beds.

When researching dog beds online it is a lot easier to compare features.

Consider buying a dog bed that will stand up to constant wear and tear – especially if you have a puppy. Scratching their bed to improve their nest is in a dogs DNA. Constant scratching will significantly reduce the lifespan of a traditional fabric dog bed – perhaps to as little as a year.

Do you need your dog bed to be waterproof? Any mistakes on a traditional fabric bed will go straight through to the inner pillow case and the filling. This could be extremely difficult to clean an ultimately lead to the bed having to be replaced. Waterproof beds are usually Nylon or Polyester treated with a rubber coating such as Polyurethane (PU) or Polyvinyl Chloride PVC or other rubber coatings, which repel moisture. Quality dog beds will be moisture resistant while maintaining air permeability. If your dog bed does not have air permeability it will remain filled with air and be quite uncomfortable and difficult for the dog to settle onto it when it goes to sleep.

A dog scratching its bed to reshape it can be overcome by seeking out a bed with inner compartments that are separated – ensuring that the polyfill inside maintains an even distribution at all times, even when your dog tries to rearrange it by scratching the outer cover.

Another consideration is the shape and size to accommodate your breed. Here are some examples of the measurements that may apply to your dog breed

90cm x 60cm x 10cm would suit a Jack Russell, Maltese Poodle, Fox Terrier, Pug, Miniature Schnauzer, King Charles Spaniel or Cavalier King

104cm x 70cm x 11cm would be ideal a Labrador, Vizsla, Medium Poodle, Border Collie or Large Schnauzer

120cm x 80cm x 11cm is a good size for a German Shepherd, Boxer, Rhodesian Ridgeback,  or Rottweiler,

Comfort is a key feature of any dog bed. A dog on its bed should be slightly elevated to provide support for its joints and provide some contour. The “give” in the bed also helps provide warmth as well.

Checking the various collections of dog beds online will provide the easiest and most effective research in getting the best bed for your dog.

Summary: Dogs do a lot of sleeping which means providing suitable good quality  bed can be a very worthwhile endeavor. When researching dog beds online stores will often provide the best way to compare features from both quality and price. Often the best value will come from buying the best quality dog bed without stuffing and filling it yourself.
Written by Philip Hartman

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