People often contact me asking me whether the Tully Boot Protector will fit their car.  

Quite understandable, because manufacturers do not seem to quote size statistics for their boot but rather quote volume in litres which is difficult to make sense of. We have been unable to measure the length and breadth of every car on the market to say which cars it will fit and which it will not fit - and manufacturers are changing specifications all the time.

However, I must say, I am often surprised at just how many cars and SUV's the Tully does fit.  Although initially designed to fit the BMW X5 and Ford Explorer a few years ago, it turns out that it fits many small cars, such as the VW Tiguan and Ford Focus (with the seats folded down), as well as larger SUVs such as the Nissan Patrol, BMW, Mercedes M series and many others. Generally to fit, an SUV or car should have headrests to secure the Protector to, and straight inside side walls (no large bumps).

Yesterday someone arrived at my office with a VW Touareg eager to check before buying.  It fitted perfectly.  The Tully comes with 30cm of Velcro loop that can be used to help secure the side or bottom of the Protector onto the car. The Touareg has carpeted sides which means the Velcro hook sewn onto underside of the Protector just attaches to the carpet to keep it in place. The included velcro loop in this case was best cut into a few pieces and attached to the boot floor to make contact with and hold the Protector onto the floor.

We are presently producing another production run which will include 60cm of Velcro (double the current amount) and will have stabilisation battens along the top front to keep it from flopping around if loosely attached.

The best way to ensure it will fit though, is to measure the car boot.  The sizing is quite forgiving so if there size is a cm or two different to our specifications it should still fit fine