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Our original and best selling back seat protector, The Sage has stabilising battens across the front and back, sealed hammock sides to keep your dog in. One side can be unzipped to let you dog in and out.

The Running dog back seat protector is the best way to keep your car clean and your dog safe. Its unique zip-able side panel ensure that you keep your dog secure and your car clean. unzip and let the flap down when your dog jumps in or out and the door jam and upholstery is kept clean and free of scratches. And the fabric is constructed to minimise fur and hair accumulating in the car. The smooth surface actually prevents hair clinging and allows easy cleaning. Fits most cars.

Key features

  • Keeps your car free of dog hair and dirt
  • Prevents your dog from falling into the foot well or front of the car
  • Smooth finish treatment to the fabric keeps your car clear of dog hair and fur
  • A zip-up side makes it fully enclosed giving more protection to the cars door upholstery and door frame when your dog jumps in and out
  • Rigid battens on front and back seat provide more protection to the front and back seat by keep the protector higher up on the seat
  • Waterproof finish on the inside provides  a natural protection as well as a hair repellent which keeps the inside free of dog hair
  • Easy to clean - wipe down or take out and hose down


140cm wide (door to door)
74cm long (front seat to back seat)
52cm high at the door

Which cars does it fit

The Back Seat Protector is adjustable to fit most cars. It requires cars that have front seat and back seat headrests 

It has been used and tested on:

Audi (all models including Q and A series)  VW Touareg to Tiguan (all models)
BMW (all models) Peugeot 204,304 etc
Ford (Focus to Explorer)
Toyota (all models)

Is not ideal for the Holden Sportswagon and Ford Futura wagon as they not have back seat headrests


The Back Seat Protector comes in one colour: black

The difference between Norton and Sage seat protectors

Sage has one sealed and one zip-up side - Both sides unzip on the Norton
Sage does not have two slots to allow a harness through to the safety belt. The Norton does have to openings.


Made from 600 denier Polyester coated with rubber. Waterproof and virtually tear proof


Should you not be entirely happy with your purchase you can return it for a refund. We guarantee the quality of the construction and will gladly replace the product should you find a defect within six months of purchase.