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This leash is a revelation for easily managing an active dog. It is long (2 metres) but with a sliding adjustable clip allowing your own length to be set; it has built in bungee elastic to soften dog pulling; an easy clip for tethering as well as extra hand grips for easy control of your dog through traffic and danger.

Best Suited For

Active medium to large dogs

Key Features

  • Length can be adjusted from a maximum of 2 metres down to 1.5 metres by sliding the slide release buckle
  • Easy clip off handle that allows temporary tethering or hands free control while walking by clipping leash around the waist
  • Elastic rubber bungee to reduce impact of dog jerking on leash
  • Two control handles lower on the leash for improved control in high traffic or dangerous areas. Traffic control handle and close up rubber hand grab for quick action
  • Handle has soft neoprene lining for more comfortable handling
  • Includes D-ring for attaching poo bags or accessories

Dimensions and Construction

The leash is made from super soft webbing to a maximum length of 2 metres. Neoprene handle with sliding adjustable clip.

The Nala Soft Pull Leash elastic bungee cord has been machine tested to maintain full stretch for a minimum of 40,000 cycles


We will replace or refund the full cost if any issues or faults occur within six months of purchase

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