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Replacement Dog Bed Cover.

If your existing dog bed is dirty, smelly and generally just met its use by date you cheaply replace it by just buying a new cover or new cover and inner lining (pillow case to hold the filling).

We have small, medium and large size covers.

Running Dog's Inka Replacement Dog Bed Cover


  • Outer shell made from soft Polyester coated with Polyurethane waterproofing

  • Pillow has five comfort vaults which keep your filling / stuffing evenly spaced through the pillow  (bed will keep its shape over time)

Long lasting
  • Tear resistant, scratch resistant, water proof, the 1000 denier coated polyester has been meticulously constructed with heavy duty industrial strength double stitching

Easy to clean
  • The removable Polyester shell fabric has been treated with a waterproof polyurethane coating to keep moisture out but allowing airflow to keep it soft and comfortable. While any liquid or water spilled on the shell can be easily wiped off, deeper dog stains can be removed by periodic washing in a washing machine. Its drying time is super fast.

  * We have built the bed from strong hardy fabric but it is not resistant to the strongest sharpest teeth of a feisty dog. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that it will never be ripped by a dog.

Key Features


Five Comfort Vaults: Inner Pillow with five comfort vaults which ensure that the stuffing inside the bed does not bunch up over time or become lumpy.  It keeps the bed smooth and flat
Moving handle: The built in handle makes it really easy to move your dogs bed to another room or if you're not on a carpeted floor just drag the bed with your dog on it - to a new location that suites - easy!


The Inka Luxury Lounger Bed comes in three sizes. Below are some recommended breeds for each size


90cm x 60cm x 10cm

 Jack Russell, Maltese Poodle, Fox Terrier, Pug, Miniature Schnauzer, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


104cm x 70cm x 11cm

Labrador, Vizsla, Medium Poodle, Border Collie, Large Schnauzer


120cm x 80cm x 11cm                   

German Shepherd, Boxer, Rottweiler, Rhodesian Ridgeback,