Every time we make a new batch  of our car seat covers for dogs or dog beds we want them to be better than the last lot

Straps are industrial strength

Tully Boot Liner for dogsTwo 50kg dogs on your back seat cover can put substantial strain on the headrest straps anchoring your cover to the back seat.The first covers we made were much like the others you can buy in shops now - they tended to come loose after sustained use. So we improved and reinforced the straps to create a much sturdier finish. You will notice the fortified cross stitching using industrial strength thread to sew the straps on. 

Boot Liners are built to last

Tully Boot Liner for dogs

Our Tully Boot Liners are a universal fit.  They are used in all types of vehicles ranging from large SUVs to small compact cars.  We know we have to manufacture them to accommodate the largest dogs and the heaviest use. Here, a recent purchase showing 8 month old Alfie the St Bernard happy in an Audi A3 compact.