What We do

Accessories designed by and manufactured for Running Dog

We design and source our products. They are exclusively sold online.

Our products are designed and manufactured to withstand the rigours of heavy dog use, however we always retain a keen eye on creating a versatile an stylish look.

We take pride in continually trying to improve the strength, longevity and usefulness of our products, by taking feedback from customers and making regular changes every time we manufacture an item.

In the end we try to bring the best value we can.

The Running Dog Back Seat Protector has been through a few iterations, every one of which has been an improvement on the last. Its rubber coated polyester finish is, we believe ideal for dogs that shed hair. It actually repels hair instead of attracting it like most fabrics do. So no problems with cleaning out the car after a long drive.  All it takes is a quick brush.

We are now working on a new set of super comfortable dog beds that are water resistant, stain resistant and look great. It's not easy but we will make sure we get the best product possible.

Sending our products to you

We try to get your purchase to you as soon as we can. We use Fastway couriers to most street addresses and Australia Post to post box numbers.  If you have a street address please leave a note with your payment if you would like your purchase left at the front door or another specific spot.  Fastway couriers are quite quick to most locations (a day or two) however, to Western Australia it can take up to 9 days to received a delivery as all items are road transported.