Beaded Collar - Zebra

 These superb African Beaded Collars have been hand made in Kenya using high quality leather and brass fittings. They are the ultimate long lasting luxury collar that will be the envy of everyone.
The Zebra design is blacks and whites
The sizing quoted here measures the length to the middle hole in the collar. Measure your dogs neck with a finger under the collar for the correct size.  Upper and lower limit is the collar maximum and minimum fit size.
Collar size                        Will fit
20cm                            18cm-24cm
25cm                            23cm-29cm
31cm                            28cm-34cm
36cm                            34cm-39cm
41cm                            38cm-44cm
46cm                            43cm-49cm
51cm                            48cm-54cm
45cm Lurcher              43cm-49cm