Dog Seat Covers to Keep Dogs Safe and Cars Clean

We have developed and tested and constantly improving a range of dog car seat covers and boot liners to fit most cars.

If you like taking your dog with you when you are out and about you really should consider the Running Dog Seat Covers and Boot Liners. We have improved the quality and value for money over the years and you can read some of the comments from thousands of dog owners who have the dog car seat covers here.

Hair Repellent Dog Car Seat with a Waterproof Finish

The dog car seat covers have these important benefits people have asked for:

  • They are strong - reinforced stitching for the straps and 600 denier heavy duty fabric with a rubber coating keeps the moisture off the car upholstery
  • They are designed as a dog car hammock with zip up sides to fully enclose the dog and to keep hair and dirt off the car
  • The dog car hammock has built in holes to allow tethering to the safety belt for added safety and in some cases - state legal requirements
  • Dog car hammocks come in one universal size that fits almost any car with headrests

Dog Car Hammock and Car Seat Cover for Easier and More Convenient Travels

The range includes the Norton Back Seat Cover for Dogs (with side zips and seat belt tether holes), the Sage Dog Car Hammock (with sealed sides and one side opening), the Tago Single Seat Cover for dogs (for one dog in front or the back). Great as a dog car seat.

Boot Liners for Dogs

Our Universal fitting Tully Boot Liner is ideal for boot travelling dogs

  • It has a fold out bumper guard, velcro underside for stabilisation as well as velcro attachments to affix the side panels to the side of the vehicle
  • Attaches to back seat headrests
  • Fits a large number of SUV, station wagons and sedans with fold down  dog car seats